Mechanical Jaw Pullers

MP Series

2 - 3 Jaw Pullers

Bi-directional Puller

10, 17.5 & 30 Ton Cap.

MP Series

Puller Sets

Lock-on Jaw-Type

Puller Attachments


Puller Attachment

1.5 - 9" Jaw Spreads

Bearing & Pulley

PHP Series

Bearing & Pulley

Ideal for installing a wide variety of press-fit parts

Slide Hammer Pullers

SH Series

Blind Hole Puller Set

Slide Hammer Puller Set

Puller Adapters


Gear and Pulley Pullers

4-in-1 Puller Set

Flange Type Puller


Protective Blankets & Security Chests

P/M B Series

PowerTeam Protective Blanket

Job-Site and Maintenance Security Chests


PT Series

Mechanical (1-40 Tons)

Hydraulic (5-50 Tons)

Hydra Lock-Jaw

PH Series

Self Contained Puller System

Hydra Lock-Jaw Pulling System

6, 8, 11 & 30 Ton

Hydraulic Puller

HP Series

Remove gears, bearings and other press-fitted parts with speed and ease.

5, 10, 17.5, 30 & 50 Ton

Universal Pullers

PH Series

55 & 100 Ton

Roller Bearing Puller

PR Series

Universal Railroad Axle Journal Roller Bearing Puller/Insallter

100 Ton

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