Posi Lock

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Our New Range of Posi-Lock Pullers

Power Team offers a comprehensive line of Posi Lock Pullers, powered manually or by hydraulics. These pullers are available in a two or three-jaw puller configuration. Mechanical pullers range from 1-40 ton capacity and hydraulic pullers range from 5-200 ton capacity. Turnkey kit packages are available to simplify your selection and setup.

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Mechanical Pullers

Rolled center bolt thread to reduce effort when applying high torque, with better grip and easier access in tighter spots.

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Hydraulic Pullers

Hydraulic powered to provide maximum extraction and control during remote operations, safe and reliable.

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Turnkey Pullers

Choose from our 2 jaw or 3 jaw hydraulic pullers to high tonnage ones that will help you get the job done without fail.

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Accessories to store, transport and protect your pullers.

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